Teaching On-Line Lessons to Beat the Coronavirus

It feels trite to mention it again, but here goes. In a matter of days the COVID-19 virus has gone from a red sky warning to a full blown economic catastrophe. I can only be grateful that nobody close to me has fallen ill (yet) and I myself seem to have avoided infection (so far). Of course how would I know, given to total lack of options for testing in the USA? What’s that cough? What’s that ache? Do I have a fever? These are the questions we can look forward to asking ourselves on a regular basis until, well, I don’t know when.

The immediate reality is total economic whiplash, and many of us in the arts, hospitality, travel, education, service, you-gotta-show-up industries will be scrambling to fill in what looks to be a yawning and indeterminate gap in employment. I don’t even want to consider the long-term ramifications for independent musicians, concert promoters, and club owners. It’s too scary. Right now we all know which way the train is heading, and I just want to jump on before it leaves the station.

I’m looking to teach more on-line lessons in the coming weeks and months. It’s not a perfect solution, and certainly not as good as sitting in the room together, hashing out the fingerings and the harmonies, but it’s a start and a stopgap. If you’ve read this far, you probably know what I do musically, and if there’s anything I can share with you from a lifetime of guitar playing, singing, arranging, and songwriting, please write to me from my Contact page. We can chat about anything really; it doesn’t have to be a lesson inquiry. I’m just trying to stay connected. We’re social animals, and this is a stressful time.

Stay safe and take it easy, Jefferson

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