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Wait, That’s Not Actually the Pacific Northwest, 02/16/20

Good Day to everybody on the west coast, and Good Evening to my contemporaries on Eastern Time, and Good Night, I suppose, to my friends in the UK and Europe. Pity I now have to delineate those two categories. Before composing this newsletter, I asked a friend who works in the *biz* if it was bad business to send out a mailing on a Sunday, as if anyone actually manages to avoid looking at their phones over the weekend, or would decline an otherwise riveting read simply because the untimely intrusion violated some invisible red line in the established practices of decent ecommerce. “No,” she said.

So here it is then, doubtless more interesting to those of you living in the Northwestern U.S.A., but read on, I’ve tossed a few bones towards the hinterlands (New York, Boston, Italy). Here’s hoping we’ll cross paths soon and you’ll stay tethered to these quarterly spasmodics of self-promomtion.

2/21 – 2/22 – Bellevue, WA – Wintergrass
I’m only sort of working at Wintergrass, but if anyone is gonna be there come visit one of my three workshops; the schedule is up here. I’m leading one in group harmony singing, another in how to back up Irish and American fiddle tunes, and one last in melodic song accompaniment for guitarists.

2/23 – 2/24 – Portland, OR – Artichoke Music
These two Portland days are sure to be action packed, and likely the most intensive workout I’ve had since I slivered twelve whole bulbs of garlic for the holiday party Bagna Cauda. We start Sunday afternoon at 4:00 with a group harmony singing workshop. Then I’ll give a concert of my music at 7:00. On Monday I’ll be teaching private lessons all day, followed by a two-hour guitar masterclass at 7:00 PM. Don’t be put off by the title (no classy masters here). The format will be performance and Q & A, with lots of playing, stories, and chatting. Hopefully I can show you something interesting about the guitar I’ve picked up in the last thirty years. Perhaps we’ll dip into other aspects of music: singing, writing, repertoire, recording techniques, or cooking with asafetida. No matter what, It should be fun.

2/25 – Eugene, OR – Tsunami Books
I’ve been wanting to play in this room for a long while. Last time I was in Tsunami I picked up a copy of Evelyn Waugh’s “Sword of Honor” trilogy and a couple Flashman paperbacks. It will be a tough act to follow. There might be a few guests and an opening act on this one; keep an ear to the ground.

2/28 – Seattle, WA – Frontier Home (w/Jonti Siman)
It’s a home, it’s a concert, it’s a frontier; it’s all of those things and more. I played here a few years ago with The Murphy Beds (I think we might have even inaugurated the series) and I’m really happy to be coming back, this time with my pal Jonti Siman playing upright bass.

2/29 – Bellingham, WA – Firefly (w/Jonti Siman and Rosin and Reed)
Last summer I played an electric show at the Firefly with David Pender Lofgren, just after Labor Day. It felt like punctuation, end of the season, in with the new. I’m quite fond of Bellingham, and try to make it out there more than just once a year. This time I’ll be joined by Jonti for an early acoustic show (6:30 PM) with my friend Jan Peters opening up with his trio Rosin and Reed.

Assuming I make it out of Bellingham alive I’ll be headed back to New York for a run with Eamon O’Leary as The Murphy Beds. Here are the shows in a nutshell, listed without scribblings:
3/6 – Beacon, NY – Dogwood (concert and workshops)
3/7 – Delhi, NY – Bushel Arts Collective – Cabin Fever Music Series
3/8 – Cambridge, NY – Argyle Brewing Company – Depot Stage

3/11 – 3/15 – WGBH Celtic Sojurn with Brian O’Donovan
These shows take place around Boston in some of the most beautiful concert venues in New England. Very happy to be coming back to the WGBH Celtic Sojurn with The Murphy Beds.

Ooh and then to top it all off, a full band show at my local:
3/19 – Brooklyn, NY – Sunny’s Bar

That’s all I really have the ink for at the moment. I will mention that I’m looking forward to an Italian job (tour) in May, some gigs in May and August singing and playing Jerry licks as part of Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers’ new Grateful Dead cover outfit, and of course a bit of summer campy fun, including but not limited to:
Miles of Music Camp (6/13 – 6/19)
Voiceworks: A Workshop for Singers (6/22 – 6/27)
Ashokan Guitar Camp (7/27 – 7/31)

Of course plans change and the lord giveth and taketh away, albums get made, presidents get impeached. If you’re ever feeling curious you can check in with me on facebookinstagramtwitter, or best of all my cool, vintage website.

Adieu Adieu,

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