Alameda album released

My new recording Alameda is up on spotifybandcampcdbaby, and a special sauce 24-bit high resolution master is up on iTunes. This is my first solo record since, a while, and I wrote it, engineered it, mixed it, and even play and sing on it! I could not have made this record without the talent and generosity of Jeff Picker, John Fatum, Alec Spiegelman, Hannah Read, Sarah Jarosz, Robin Macmillan, Dylan Foley, Tim Britton, Jim Fitting, Jeff Oehler, David Glasser, and Mark Ettinger. 

Alameda credits:

Jefferson Hamer – Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocal
Jeff Picker – Electric and Acoustic Bass
John Fatum – Drums
Alec Spiegelman – Flute, Bass Clarinet, Pump Organ
Dylan Seamus Foley – Fiddle
Tim Britton – Whistle
Jim Fitting – Harmonica
Robin Macmillan – Percussion
Hannah Read – Harmony Vocal
Sarah Jarosz – Harmony Vocal
Hannah Read, Patrick Sargent, Mark Ettinger, John Fatum, Jeff Picker – Group Vocal

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed at Lethe Lounge, NYC by Jefferson Hamer
Track 8 “Wolves” mixed by Jeff Oehler of Beehive Productions
Additional Engineering by Mark Ettinger
Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow
Design and Layout by Jessica Mucha

Special Thanks to Mark Ettinger, Amy Helfand, and Jeff Oehler

All songs (c) 2018 by Jefferson Hamer
All songs published by Clairvoyant Dwarf Music, BMI
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