Murphy Beds (Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer) on tour in Alaska and Pacific NW

Murphy Beds are heading to the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau, with a NW tour to boot:

3.29 Bellingham, WA

Green Frog


3.30 Seattle, WA

House Concert


3.31 Seattle, WA

Empty Sea Studios

(w/ Hollis Peach)

Live Webcast Available from Roots Channel


4.1 Willamina, OR

Wildwood Hotel

(w/ Hollis Peach)


4.2 Eugene, OR

Mike Meyer’s Acoustic Concert Series


4.3 Portland, OR

Ear Trumpet Labs Speakeasy


4.4 Portland, OR

Fremont Theater


4.5 – 4.9 Juneau, AK

Alaska Folk Festival


4.13 Anchorage, AK

Hard Rock Cafe


4.14 Palmer, AK

Vagabond Blues


4.15 Seward, AK

Zudy’s Cafe

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