Jefferson Hamer and Tashina Clarridge Studio Album Pre-Order Begins Today

Dave Sinko

Jefferson Hamer and Tashina Clarridge photo by Maria Camillo

Dear Friends,

I’m writing with some exciting news. My good friend and master fiddler Tashina Clarridge and I are heading to Nashville to record a brand new studio album with legendary engineer Dave Sinko! We couldn’t possibly be any more fired up!

Tashina and I played our first show almost two years ago, and after all our tours, concerts, and teaching gigs together, we’ve finally come to the perfect time (next week) and place (Dave’s house) to record our first album. To get to work with Dave Sinko is, quite simply, a dream come true. Click here to see some of the incredible records Dave has made in his storied career.

We will be recording a mix of brand-new original and way-old traditional songs, and some hand-picked (yes, that’s a pun) instrumentals. Our friends Tristan Clarridge and Simon Chrisman from Tashina’s band The Bee Eaters will be contributing their awesome cello and hammered-dulcimer skills, and we might have a few surprise Nashville friends drop in as well.

This is an incredible opportunity, and it’s all happening next week! We’re paying for the record ourselves, and we couldn’t afford to do it without your support. Instead of a full-blown internet website funding effort like Kickstarter or PledgeMusic, we’ve decided to reach out directly to our fans (that’s you) to pre-order the record to help us meet our costs. For a $20 donation, we’ll send you a signed copy of the CD the day it’s released- we’re aiming for June 5th. The CD will show up in your mailbox months before we head out on tour. Besides getting your hands on the music as soon as possible, you’ll be making the biggest difference right now by giving Tashina and I the means to make it happen.

Please click on the button above to send us a donation via PayPal. You’ll hear back from us right away to let you know the money came through. We’ll also be in touch with everyone who gave money during and after the recording process with photos, videos, and sound clips, to keep you in the loop about the project that you helped make possible. Again, we’re asking for a $20 donation per copy of the pre-ordered CD. We encourage you to order as many copies as you like at $20 each, and if you’d like to donate anything extra to help us meet our mixing, mastering, and artwork expenses, we humbly thank you. The total amount is yours to decide using the PayPal button. In the meantime, here’s a link to us playing a version of the old-time tune “Farewell Trion” from Bainbridge Island, WA in 2011.

Again, we can’t thank you enough for helping us make this record. We promise to graciously channel your generosity and love into beautiful music, and Dave Sinko will be there to record it all, amen.


So many thanks,

Jefferson (and Tashina)

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