Eamon O’Leary and Jefferson Hamer on Reykjavik.com

Eamon O’Leary and I just got back from Iceland, following a great week of music, travel, and Brennivin. It was serious fun- rounding up sheep in Akureyri, exploring the barren, geothermic countryside, mispronouncing everything e.g. “Takk fyrir kakkalakka” (thanks for the cockroach), and partying with the Icelanders and their expatriate dwellers-among. Ask the question “How’d you come to Iceland”, and you’ll likely get the answer “I met an Icelandic woman.” Biggest thanks go to Phil Roughton who brought us out, housed us, drove us around, introduced us to all his wonderful friends, and set us up with a Murphy Beds concert at Cafe Rosenberg in Reykjavik. The bluegrass boys from Iceland’s own Illgresi came down and helped out with some gear and played a few lively numbers with us at the end of our set. Here’s a link to the blog Reykjavik.com:


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