Mt. Shasta Fiddle Camp

I’m really excited to be teaching voice and guitar next week at the 2011 Mt. Shasta Fiddle Camp, located in beautiful Mt. Shasta, California. I’ll be working alongside an incredible lineup of teachers and performers including Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, Roger Tallroth, Sean Watkins, Tony Trischka, Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky, Maeve Gilchrist, Brittany Haas, Vishal Nayak, and many more!

I’m leaving camp early for a California tour with Anais Mitchell, the particular downside of which is I will miss the stellar 7th annual Summer String Summit at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA, in the beautiful Kenneth Ford theater. Show is at 7:30. Buy tickets online at

Here’s a clip from last year’s concert with me, Tashina Clarridge, Maeve Gilchrist, Sarah Jarosz, and Paul Kowert.

Bay Area residents should also check out the post-camp String Explosion concert at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley on Saturday, July . Featuring Darol Anger, Roger Tallroth, The Bee Eaters, Jeremy Kittel, Brittany Haas, and more:

3 thoughts on “Mt. Shasta Fiddle Camp”

  1. John, the concert is usually publicized locally, but I’m not sure if they’ve figured out the date for next year’s concert yet. I’d check around on the internet in the late spring.

    Thanks for the heads up about your session. I’d love to stop in sometime for some tunes.

  2. There are about 30 old time music players in our area. We didn’t hear about the String summit until the last minute last summer; too late to make plans. I’m not able to pull up a web site for them. Do you have one? Was this a one time thing?

    I enjoy your playing on U-Tube. Our group has a weekly session on Saturday afternoons from 3pm-7pm at Shananegan’s a bar at 404 E. Main in Medford; usually 5-10 players. People traveling on I-5 used to stop in at our old venue but our new one hasn’t gotten around.

    John Hawksley

  3. Hi, had the privilege to attend the 2011 String Summit. Would like to plan a road trip with friends to the 2012 show. Could you give me the date? Thanks in advance. Dave Hamblen

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