GALA NYC Photos by M’Adele Miller from Brooklyn Lyceum

These photos were taken by M’Adele Miller at the 5/7 GALA NYC Debut concert at the Brooklyn Lyceum.

1 thought on “GALA NYC Photos by M’Adele Miller from Brooklyn Lyceum”

  1. Nikos Apollonio

    Jeff: Ruth Shortall in Iceland suggested I contact you. I see you have been to Maine—put me on your list for the next gig. I’m in Rockport, mid coast. I have been making stringed instruments since 1967, specialty 12 strings, citterns, zouks. Recently delivered a pretty special 6 string as well. If you email me we can trade mp3 tunes and if you want to see more of what I do, Facebook page Apollo Stringed Instruments.
    cheers, N

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