I’d say I was homesick, but what is home but a creaky bed, a cluttered desk, and a wilted basil plant?

Bellingham, WA – Monday, Aug. 30, 2010. Weather: partly cloudy, 75 degrees, dry, beautiful. Coffee: overrated. hell-bent for purgatory

Pacific Northwesterners are coffee snobs, which might have been justifiable in the first decade A.S. (After Starbucks) but I have Southside Coffee two blocks from my Brooklyn apartment and they draw espresso as good as anything I’ve had anywhere, with elbow room for exceptions here and there. Gene in Vancovuer was in fine form last week. I had a crush on one of the espresso girls until one day she put Aerosmith on the stereo and I judged her musical tastes incompatible with mine. Her boyfriend came in the last day, looking like an Aerosmith roadie with long, long curly hair, babyface, and ripped jeans, which all made me feel better about her not giving me any special attention or smiles. But enough about coffee.

My spine is a total nightmare and I could barely hold my electric guitar last night at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern. I’m doing push-ups and back-bends to try and regain my gait and stature. When your back hurts nothing goes right. You can’t sing, flirt, read, or think, and all your tele-bends go sharp. After our gig with Robert Blake, drummer Jordan Rain from the Yogoman Burning Band cracked my back and it sounded like champagne corks at midnight. But enough about the pain in my neck.

I’ve been away from home for almost a month. I’d say I was homesick, but what is home but a creaky bed, a cluttered desk, and a wilted basil plant? You can have my home. And while I’m thinking about it, my rent payment. I miss a few people. Maybe I could convince them all to move into a big house with me somewhere in western Massachusetts and we can plant a garden, full and leaden at harvest time with tomatoes, kale, peppers, and flowers. I’m thinking about gardens a lot these days. Vancouver is a garden town. That’s where Anais Mitchell and I recorded an album of traditional ballads with producer John Raham. We reinvented the wheel on Tam Lin. Willie’s Lady is our hit. We’ve already got a vision for the video, which we’re going to shoot in Brooklyn. Betsy Plum, Alex Battles, and I were talking about shooting a video in Prospect Park this fall, but Anais and I have a different idea. Hold tight Betsy and Alex, I think you’ll like it. We’ve got more tracking to do, both in New York and Vancouver, and the record probably won’t be out until sometime next year. I was hoping for sooner, but everyone is busy and that’s just how it is. I’m going to stop talking about this record now, because it won’t be out for ages and I don’t want to make myself or anyone else sick hyping it up.

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  1. I didn’t see Rasputin this time, but I think I’ve met him before. James is the best. I saw Carrie’s CD up in the changer, and I figured that you guys had been there recently. See you back in the city!

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