10th annual Subdued String Band Jamboree

It was an incredible¬†weekend in Bellingham, WA! The 10th annual Subdued String Band Jamboree was a smashing success, culminating in the closing moments of Robert Sarazin Blake’s finale set, when the stage floor collapsed under the weight of the 30-odd performers massed together. Everyone was fine, and nobody missed their ending cue.

I’m sure the recordings will surface soon, and I can’t wait to hear them. Blake was on fire. A meteor shower light up the sky. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun.

Thanks also to Taarka and Anais Mitchell, who had me play guitar with them during their sets. Over the course of the weekend played 5 sets on the main stage, including electric and acoustic solo sets. I would have gladly played 5 more. Thanks again Robert and crew!

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