Summer String Summit Concert – Mt. Shasta Fiddle Camp – 2010

The Summer String Summit All-Star Concert, held 7/7/10 at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA was one of the most incredible musical events I have ever witnessed. The list of performers goes on and on and included such string-music luminaries as Tim O’Brien, Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky, Natalie and Brittany Haas, Billy Contreras, Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, and I’m going to stop there because it would take me hours to get everyone’s name on the list. To learn more about the event, and keep tabs on what’s in store for next year, check the website:

I got to make a few appearances at the concert. I sang with my good friend Kristin Andreassen on her song “Pale Moon,” I also appeared as Johnny Shasta with the acapella singing group the Shastations. Here’s a photo:
Jesse Harper, Kristin Andreassen, Sarah Jarosz, Joel O’Brien, Margaret Glaspy, Tim O’Brien, Hannah Read, Kellen Zakula, Liddy Grace Voetberg, Jefferson Hamer
Maeve Gilchrist, Paul Kowert, Tashina Clarridge, Jefferson Hamer, and Sarah Jarosz – photo by Ian Hutchinson

I also played my song “Seed and a Feather” with Maeve Gilchrist on Harp, Paul Kowert on bass, Tashina Clarridge on fiddle, and Sarah Jarosz singing vocal harmonies. That was sweet.

What a time at Mt. Shasta fiddle camp! I’m in awe of what Tristan and Tashina Clarridge have accomplished in 6 years since the camp’s founding.

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