Jefferson Hamer Band – Live Recording from Rockwood Music Hall, NY – June 29, 2010

Here’s a live show from the Rockwood Music Hall in NY, NY, recorded by John Mahon on June 29, 2010. The band is Erik Deutsch on piano, Jacob Silver on bass, and Marc Dalio on drums. You can download the songs individually by right-clicking or control-clicking on the links, or just listen to them here with the embedded mp3 player. There’s also youtube videos of this concert available online. Big thanks to John for filming, recording, and uploading these songs!
  • 1. A Tune for Every Season
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] A Tune for Every Season  [/gplayer]
  • 2. Lonesome Banjo Blues
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Lonesome Banjo Blues  [/gplayer]
  • 3. Seed and a Feather
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Seed and a Feather  [/gplayer]
  • 4. Wolves
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Wolves  [/gplayer]
  • 5. Moving Day
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Moving Day  [/gplayer]
  • 6. This Ragged World We Spanned
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] This Ragged World We Spanned  [/gplayer]
  • 7. Pastures of Plenty
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Pastures of Plenty  [/gplayer]
  • 8. Wild and Willful
  • [gplayer href=”″ ] Wild and Willful  [/gplayer]

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