New Laura Cortese and Jefferson Hamer album released: Two Amps, One Microphone

Laura and I just released our first studio album. Titled “Two Amps, One Microphone,” it captures our electric-duo sound live in the studio. The album is currently available only at live shows, but will soon be available on-line for download and mail-orders. I’ll be posting some sound clips to this website in the next couple days. Here’s the track listing and liner notes for the record:

Laura Cortese and Jefferson Hamer – “Two Amps, One Microphone”

Track Listing:

1. Our Reckless Morning (Jefferson Hamer)

2. Pine (Laura Cortese, Kristin Andreassen)

3. This Ragged World We Spanned (Jefferson Hamer)

4. Barbara Ellen (trad., arr. Jefferson Hamer)

5. A Seed And A Feather (Jefferson Hamer)

6. Overcome (Laura Cortese)

7. A Song For You (Gram Parsons)

8. A Tune For Every Season (Jefferson Hamer)

9. Wade On In (Laura Cortese)

Laura Cortese: Fiddle, Vocal

Jefferson Hamer: Guitar, Vocal

Engineered and Mixed by Matt Malikowski at HI-N-DRY, Somerville, MA

Artwork by Adam Agee

These songs were recorded live in-studio on February 2 and 3, 2010. We stood in the same room with our amplifiers and sang into one microphone. There were no overdubs. Matt woke up early the day after the session to mix all the tracks. We came up with the song sequence in the car on our way to a gig in Portland, ME. We hope you enjoy listening to the music!

Download “Two Amps, One Microphone” Here

-LC & JH

2 thoughts on “New Laura Cortese and Jefferson Hamer album released: Two Amps, One Microphone”

  1. I heard you at the Freight, love this album, and play it in my car incessantly. I’d love have the lyrics. BTW, I’m from Seattle so very familiar with the Cascade Highway and Eastern Washington – what a great tune!

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