Mike and Ruthy, Hanneke Cassel, Jefferson Hamer and Laura Cortese in Portland, ME – 2/4/10

I’m very excited (Wicked Excited, as they say) for this show with some of my closest, most talented friends. Simply put, Mike and Ruthy are wonderful songwriters, singers, and performers. I met them out at the High Sierra Music Festival in the summer of 2007. They were playing with the Mammals, and also giving a songwriting workshop that I happened to be a part of. We’ve been friends ever since, and I’m always inspired and challenged by their music and lyrics. Hanneke is another good friend of mine- a fiddle force of nature, a respected composer, and a dance partner to tango with. I can’t wait to see her with her band. Laura and I bring our electric duo to round out this fantastic triple bill.

Hooks, Lines and Singers
The Hanneke Cassel Band, Mike & Ruthy, Laura Cortese & Jefferson Hamer
Thursday, February 4th One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME
8:00pm $12-$15 http://www.onelongfellowsquare.com

You know those nights when you leave a concert with a great new song stuck in your head? Well between these three fiery, original acts you should be humming new hooks for a week. The Hanneke Cassel Band, Mike & Ruthy, and Laura Cortese & Jefferson Hamer will be sharing the stage at One Longfellow Square and filling the room with their fiddle-infused pop-folk.

Hanneke Cassel returns to One Longfellow Square with her LATEST RELEASE, For Reasons Unseen (November 2009). Influences from Scotland to China, along with grooves and musical innovations from the hip Boston bluegrass/Americana scene, fuse together to create a uniquely American approach to Scottish music. She creates sounds on the cutting edge of acoustic music, while retaining the integrity and soul of the Scottish tradition.

Mike & Ruthy are no strangers to Portland having opened for Arlo Guthrie at the Merrill Auditorium with their band The Mammals a few years back. Their last duo show at the North Star Music Cafe attracted a bustling crowd – with people singing along from the back row to the front. Their music is a mixture of old-time banjo twinkle and soft vocal alchemy.

Laura Cortese and Jefferson Hamer have spent this year playing together as a duo and as sidemen for some of America’s best known folk and rock artists including Pete Seeger, Michael Franti, Patterson Hood, Band of Horses, Anais Mitchel, Reed Foehl and Great American Taxi. When on tour together Jefferson and Laura play Americana-infused original songs with quirky and energetic arrangements. Their live shows include a wild cover of Feist’s “I Feel It All”, played with unique rhythmic fiddle accompaniment dubbed “drum and chop indie pop”.

These fine players are all friends who have collaborated before. They’re looking forward to hearing each other’s new songs at One Longfellow Square and sitting in with each other on a few familiar tunes. The energy will be lively and the sounds will be sweet.

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