Michael Brody releases film “Document” with original music by Jefferson Hamer, Reed Foehl, and many others

In the fall of 2007, I played a solo show in Denver at The Walnut Room. Afterwards, I met filmmaker Michael Brody, who asked if he could use my song “Streets of Gold” in a film he was working on. Since the song had already been recorded by Great American Taxi, I recorded a few new versions, as well as some short improvised pieces of guitar, banjo, and fiddle. I’m not exactly sure what wound up in the final cut, but I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film, and I wanted to help spread the news of the release. Congratulations Michael!

“Mike and Ray, two small-town kids from Oklahoma, sever their roots and hop aboard a Greyhound to L.A.

Hoping to make it as filmmakers, they begin filming the city’s ample supply of beautiful women and produce content both troubling and erotic. Using women as mirrors into their own true natures, the boys each begin their own difficult, fascinating journeys into whom they truly are.”


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