New Laura Cortese Album

Beginning on Jan. 3, I’m going into the studio to record Laura Cortese’s new album. I can’t wait to record with her. She’s a powerful musician, a dear friend, and one of my closest musical collaboraters. Over the last year, we’ve played shows in the Northeast, California, the Pacific Northwest, the U.K., and Denmark. This recording will highlight some of the music we’ve been playing during that time, as well as some new material.

I’ll write more as I know more, but the in-studio band is going to be superb. Jake Silver is the bass player. I first met Jake at the 2007¬†High Sierra festival when he was playing with the Mammals. More recently, I’ve played with him in the Tao-Rodriguiez Seeger band, and on the demo recordings of Danish singer Lukas Graham. His musical feel, arrangement ideas, tonal sensibility, and technique are superb. He’s also a pretty righteous dude.

We’ll also be playing with legendary drummer Dave Mattacks. I don’t even want to list his resume in this post, because it would be grossly incomplete (let someone else do the research), and would open be up to accusations of shameless name-dropping. I will say that Dave was the drummer for the late-60’s / early-70’s Fairport Convention albums Liege and Lief and Full House, as well as much of Richard Thompson’s catalogue.

Wow. I can’t wait.

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