Barbara Ellen – acoustic demo #1

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Here’s my version of the classic ballad “Barbara Ellen.” I recorded this at my Brooklyn apartment using a Neumann-Gefell M582 microphone with an M7 capsule for the vocals, and an RFT Gefell PM-750 for the acoustic guitar. A Grace Design Lunatec V3 preamp and DA converter was used into Pro-Tools. Reverb is supplied via a standalone Fender ’62 Spring Reverb tank.

Barabara Ellen – right click, CTRL-click, or command-click to Download

Thanks to my friend Ryan McGiver for helping me record this song.

1 thought on “Barbara Ellen – acoustic demo #1”

  1. Dear Jefferson,
    Don’t know if you remember me.
    I came up & asked for your number after you played at “First Night” with Anais Mitchell.
    I am a singer who is has a one woman evening of song I plan to put up in mid March or so & will need a guitar player, hence my approach.
    Just wanted to touch base & let you know how much I enjoyed you both & that this “Barbra Ellen” recording is lovely.
    I will be in touch once I have my venue & pianist dates secured)I would need acoustic guitar.
    Best Regards,
    Alisa Endsley

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