Thursday, Jan. 21 – Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO

Boulder Theater, Jan. 21 2010I’m so excited to be playing the incredible Boulder Theater in Jan. with my friend and collaborator Erik Deutsch! Erik and I used to live across the hall in the University of Colorado dorms (Hallett Hall, for anyone who was there, or can still remember anything after 2 semesters). He moved to New York City a few years before I did in 2008, and we’ve been playing steadily together ever since. This is a big show for us, a sort of homecoming, and a CD release party for Erik. Please mark your calendars for Jan. 21, and come out for the show. I’ll be playing with some friends from Boulder and NYC- more on this later. Tom Hagerman also performs with his group “The Guerilla Ensemble.”

Here is the description from the Boulder Theater website:


Pianist, composer, arranger, teacher, producer—these are some of the faces Erik Deutsch has shown the world. An intensely creative and talented player, he has the ability to lend his sound to an impressive array of musical endeavors.
After a decade in Colorado, Erik is now a resident of Brooklyn, New York. His current projects include Erik Deutsch Band, Norah Jones, Ellery Eskelin/Allison Miller/E.D. Trio, Trevor Dunn’s Madlove, Erin McKeown Band, Kristina Train, A Big Yes and a Small No, Ron Miles Band, Sonya Vallet and Los Profugos Galacticos, Jessica Lurie Ensemble, David Soler Denga Project, County Road X, Triangle, and a partnership with house music guru Mr. V.
Erik has the honor of being the only keyboardist ever to work in Charlie Hunter’s band. Currently in his third year of duty, the trio has been busy traveling to the far corners of the globe. Performances in Russia, Turkey, Greece, Morocco, and Mexico have been highlights. The trio released Mistico (Concord/Fantasy)in 2007 and dropped their second record, Baboon Strength (Spire Artists), in September of 08.
The Erik Deutsch Band recorded a new album in Brooklyn in January of 09. Hush Money is set for release on November 10th. The album features Mike McGinnis (reeds), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Jonathan Goldberger (guitar), Jonti Siman (bass), Marc Dalio (drums), and special guests Eric Biondo (trumpet) and Barry Saunders (bari sax). The record is a foray into the cinematic realm of Deutsch’s compositional mind: synthesizers, dreamy reeds, and warm analog tape ooze into the psychedelic soundscape of his chamber-rock songs. Hush Money could be seen as an amalgamation of Deutsch’s life-long musical influences….

Guitarist, singer, and songwriter Jefferson Hamer started out on the Colorado and West Coast festival circuits, first with the original acoustic trio Single Malt Band, and later in the electric country outfit Great American Taxi. In 2008 he moved to Brooklyn, NY, and now plays with an A-list of folk, pop, and traditional artists including Anais Mitchell, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Reed Foehl, and Laura Cortese. His solo shows are typically performed on electric guitar, lending an explosive, full-spectrum sound to his original songs. Jefferson’s only solo release, 2004’s Left Wing Sweetheart, earned a 4-star review from Marquee Music Magazine, who wrote it “sounds like a forgotten Gram Parsons release suddenly discovered.”

Best known as a member of both DeVotchKa and the Denver Gentlemen, accordionist/violinist Tom Hagerman recently released his first solo album, The Breakfast Playground. Named for a children’s playground at a Denver mall, the album showcases Hagerman’s diverse talents through original instrumentals performed almost entirely on his own. Like the music of DeVotchKa, Hagerman’s songs have a dramatic, cinematic quality, inviting listeners on a journey.

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